Thursday, July 30, 2009

Taman Negeri Bukit Panchor- Second Excursion

On 26th july, 6 brave souls exploring a jungle 8km away from their campus. The leader of the group is this red bull shirt crazy guy.

As usual we saw many many sky scrapping trees.

And some pathetic leech try to suck my blood.

We discovered something...something we?

Checkpoint. we reach a small "titi".

Indiana Jones discovered a new cave.

Some mushrooms...
MJ 45 degree classic move. We can do it too.

We lost in the middle. Which way to go?.....Nah..we are just fine. Taman Rekreasi Bkt Panchor is indeed a nice place to hang out for USM students. If you wanted a natural hideout, try that place. We cycle there for approximately 40 minutes. I totally like that place...i can just cycle there and back in a saturday morning. Its a cool place where you cant find in town universities.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Formula Kart

Last Saturday, SAE brought a bus of students to watch the Intervarsity Race. It is a formula go kart race organised by UTM. Students from 9 instituitions in Malayisa bring their car and race!

It is somehow like Malaysia version of FSAE. The overall car design is considered average. Most team did not make their car considerably well. The time schedule is fall behind as set.

But, there is also some quite nicely done vehicle in the show. UniSel, the only team that totally outclassed the rest wins the endurance race.

However, we actually learn quite a lot from that event. We learned up how not to make things fall apart. We aware that craftmanship is very important for engineers, mechanical for specific.

You certainly do not want your race car tear apart in race, the team will be very disappointed.

Friday, July 17, 2009

SAE excursion 2

I got a feeling, that the Shell Eco things is a good one, and the Shell eco thing is good good onnnneee.

We USM engine lab guys were marching in the SHELL Eco Marathon curtain raiser event.

It is held in Sepang International Circuit. We were excited by the inaugural of this event.

The event started with rap and beat boxing...very cool stuff putting up..Cool~~~

We view some Shell Made eco Car down there...

A pretty UTM Solar Car Driver...All the best..good luck testing..

Some Singapore Cars..

UTM solar car. They made our malaysian debut in Shell Eco Marathon 2009 in germany.

NUS eco car.

UTM Giant solar car.

Placing..Set GO!

UTM famous 6 million RM fuel cell motorbike.

And of course not forgetting pretty ladies out there in the circuit.She is cute.

Shell CAR...mechanics on board..beware.

My Buddies..with the aliencraft.

End of picture captions. We are going to take part and my adrenaline is always pumping to get this done in front of my eyes.

SAE excursion

I was off campus on last wednesday and thursday. Was following my prof, lecturer and two grad students to KL!

What a excellent excuse to skip class...yea! Actually, i was on something. I attended SAE meeting with my prof on the Proton Exora Seminar. The event was held in UPM.
before the meeting, we saw a saga EV. It is for display and Proton was working on electric vehicle. Maybe they will test the market by trying out in Putra jaya with 10 000 cars.
Later on the so called Ist malaysian MPV was arrive at the show.
Well it is a nice car but with 1600 cc to power this family car, wont be sufficient power to pick up when its on full load. anyway it is a great effort and the process by Proton Team that change the ordinary way producing car. This time they were quite fast from design to produce.
It also incorporate some fuel eficient, safe feature like campro cps, hydoforming sub frame, high tensile steel cage, side impact bar. It is proven safety certified. They really emphasize on this.

coming up, SAE meeting and go through the slides.

Its a more open apporach from proton this time and they tell us a lot and share with us some insights with Protons. Not bad... and good luck.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bicycle Trip 2- Taman Negeri Bukit Panchor

After one year in USM, i found another beauty of this place here in Nibong Tebal-Bukit Panchor Forest Reserve. Hence, i organise another bicycle trip there along with Jun Lii and Siu Hou.

We started our journey from main gate and head Nibong Tebal. It is just beside the newly built mosque. Head straight till you get the sign board. Along the way, instead of Tn Negeri Bkt Panchor, we also saw the "Death Road".
Argh.......its not dangerous anyway, just near fell off....However the journey along is very refreshing, its been raining half an hour ago...Never been better than this condition for a bicycle trip.
Less than an hour, we arrived the destination. It is a quite well develop recreation park,

Our gorgeous bike...

This place is the best place for camping, jungle trekking and cave trekking nearby USM. We din do jugle trekking this time as we just wanna find out how this place looked like and we will come back with better equipment.

Later i have found a short vut back to my campus, via construction path. Its been a great morning, for a leisure saturday.