Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vee Kuan's 3 Laws of Attitude

As Newton has his 3 laws, Thermodynamics has 3 laws, and Robotics has 3 laws. I have 3 laws that govern my attitude and behaviour.

Law 1: Mens et Manus, translates from latin means mind and hand. As an engineering students, you cannot be just good in papers, holding pens and write out solution. The truth is nobody really care the numbers on the papers most of the time. Engineering students especially mechanical engineering students must have hands on experience. Make things out from your hand, roll up your sleeve, and get them dirty. Mens et Manus is the slogan from MIT and i am truly respect.
In fact, you will learn more from doing. I make circuit boards, cut metals, construct structures, welding, soldering etc. It is hell lot of fun more than writing algebra and numbers. Intuition and artwork is a more complex program.

Law 2: Pledge for dignity and depth of knowledge, many of us study for exams. Pathetic. They only study what lecturers teach till and beyonf that, they simply do not give a damn. Is this the behaviour of learning knowledge. Hell no. Thats the latter part of this law, for the depth of knowledge study more than others, get yourself superior than the ordinary ones. As for dignity, this is what i learn from my statics lecturer, Abdus. An b+ students should be proud of themselves if they had tried their best and get b+ in the end. while, an A student should feel condemned if they get A- without trying their best. Thats dignity, always excel yourselves!!

Law 3: Be aggresive! I was once introduced by my prof as an aggresive student. Indeed, i am truly is. I joined master's students project, joined RA in first year, taking up a role in robocon team, presenting in Intel, establishing a club. Is it aggresive enough? i think it is because i feel exhausting, but that the way you train yourself. You make the thing out from the time you possess. Why people say they are very busy in fact they still got time to eat, watch tv, surfing internet? Because they cut the time out for those activities and divide by the workload. How about Divide the time by the workload first and take the left ones for entertaining activities.

Thats my 3 laws.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Introducing Omnibike

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing Omnibike...I thought of this name first before i knew that this name exist in google. Excuse me for using the logo for my animation. Will come out my own logo next time.

This is my first year group project which i throw kinda lot of time and effort. Thank you my teammate for making this idea semi-visualised for Conceptual to CAD. It will be cool if its come out in model.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Little Dream

I have big dreams, ambitious plans for my future. However, i am also romantic with my little dreams.

So what is my so called little dreams. I would love to sing as a rock star one day. Inspired by MayDay, Shin, Aerosmith...i like rock and roll. She brings passion out of my body and spirit.

Recently i am obsessed with Cryin by Aerosmith...Everytime i do my computer work while listening this song thru ipod.Goo goo dolls' Iris is also good as i just finished watching City of Angels.

I really hope that one day, i stood up on the stage, singing a English rock song and a hokkien rock song with my band backing me. I would love to drum too...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Penang Drive Trip Free and Easy

Early in the morning, 7am. We are going for a trip
on this holiday. We rent a car from someone in the campus. We got an Alto. Siu Hou is the driver for now.

For your information we were plannning a trip to Langkawi, an island paradise in Malaysia. After a well planned trip is done, we MADE a mistake.
We didn't calculate the ferry fee to Langkawi.

Reaching Weld Quay in GeorgeTown. We carry our bags happily to the departure gate straight.

Look at Siu Hou, sames as us, we seems very excited to go over there. However, an misfortune hit us. We were been told to buy tocket in advance before departure. Hence we walked back to ticketing booth nearby the clock tower.

Looked at the price below. It is ultimately destroy our one day plan. #1, Price is so damn expensive. We saw RM 23 in the web. I guess its maybe depart from Kuala Kedah.
#2, The latest ferry time is from 5.15pm. Meaning we got 6 hours in langkawi only since we depart at 830am, 3 hours to reach there,6hours of fun, then go back to georgetown. It is not suit our plan at all. We cancelled it last minute in front of ticket man.

Leaving no more choice but to visit Penang Island..Again...

We randomed our route to Aremenian Street. Its very historic and essentric.

I sat on a bench pretending visual appreciation of historical architecture.

Look! japanese DIGI ads...

Penang Hill remained unvisited for me. Therefore, we head to cable car service and go up to hill.

ITs a steep slope to go up to hill. Penang Hill is estimated 700m above sea level.

Half way to the top, we were stopped by Henna Service. Both girls are too excited and then got themselves hennas.

We dudes also got our markings. I personally choose a design which is Latin Words.
Summa Cum Laude which means best gradutes in the class or best individual in a batch.An undergraduate with greatest honor.
I am highly inspired and this will motivates me to work hard in the right direction.

Seems Hui Yee doesn not enough with her back neck design.She got her front palm nicely

Jun Yan got venum. Thats why he chose set and being chargeed got whole flight food.

Just Posting!
We just wanna show off the piece of art.

This big scary spider is discovered everywhere in penang hill between the electric cables.

After the trip, we roam around GeorgeTown and again and ate the famous Penang Cencol in cendol street. I always wonder, what kind of econimics behind this. Despite this cendol stall is overwhelmingly outcast the other one opposite it.
But that cendol stall still remained opened and occasionally some people still go eat there. Weird case.

Penang have their own GeorgeTown White Coffee despite Ipoh's Old Town.

Before we went back, we drive to a street behind Mcallister's and see the lightings. Si Tigun is one of cafe i found it interesting. A bicycle pit stop cafe. Good concept. I always encoourage urban cycling. Wonder when people will use my bicycle design and stop here for repair and have a break with some snacks and food.
Turns out a Penang Island trip after Langkawi's off. Will be there next time.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I am a Maxis User, Catia Geek and C++ amateur

Finally, i broke up with Celcom. Everysince i use Celcom, my friends keep bugging me..."Damn, you using Celcom...weird...expensive...". After my dad change the service operator and so do i because i am his subline. Now, i am declared a Maxis User....my mum keep sms me using her free sms. Hahaha.

This lately i am totally engaged with my design project. I am designing a folding bicycle with a team of friends. I did a lot of bicycle research and concept design. Finally i have a stylish one. Then we uses CATIA to do solid modelling. Pieces by pieces assemblied in computer, the body done, the parts done....Now doing drawing and soon animation. Getting excited and exhausted as well. But i like it. Its like seeing my baby will be born soon. Dear Omnibike.

C++ is another project in hand. I have proposed the Airline Ticketing System

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This semester is a hectic semester. Ever since the start of it i am busying till now. Havent really got a chance for a vacation.

Recently, i am engaged with my design project. I am highly interested in it as this is my proposed title...folding bike. I want to make it a real success. Later on, i will be sticking my ass in front of my laptop typing c++ programme. Everything is keep draining in my schedule. i finally got the feeling of drinking from hosepipe.

Well, some of my friends might not feel this way if they are not the leader in the group. Leader have to be kept motivated and motivating team members. If they dont have the push, your progress is delayed.

What i have to do is focus.Plan and prioritise.