Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bloom Energy-Be the Solution

Bloom energy figures out the solution-solid oxide fuel cell. Its founder, KR Sirdhar was a NASA engineer. He uses this fuel cell to create oxygen and water in Mars mission to make Mars a second home. Then he thought back, instead of finding a new home why not make my first home a better place to stay? Thinking back and he reversed this technology. Lets add hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity.

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell is nothing revolutionizing, the core technology is the sand like ceramics as the electrolyte sandwiched by a coated anode and cathode. No precious metal in used like other types of fuel cell. Air goes into cathode and stream mixed with fuel to form reformed fuel at the anode side. Chemical reactions begins after the reformed fuel crosses the anode and attracted the oxygen ions. This reaction generates electricity, water, heat and small amount of CO2. Electricity is what we want, heat is needed for fuel cell and water is required to reform the fuel.

After 8 years of researching and optimizing the products, it is finally been revealed to the world in high profile. They are been introduced not as a fresh product, they came out with the claims of Big companies like Googles, Ebay, Coca-cola, Fedex as their client. This is even more persuading as business leaders who taking the responsibility of profiting from business and concerning environmental problems are taking Bloom Energy's solution-the Bloom Energy Server.

Being an engineer, he/she has to possess sound technical knowledge and also good in doing business. KR Sirdhar is a live example. He knows about the value proposition of his product.

First, it is cost effective. For big companies, its payback period is 3-5 years and it is fixed power price for over 10 years. So you pay for this bloom box, and your investment is being paid back in 3 years later and at the same time you are enjoying the fixed power price for 10 years without worrying the fluctuation of the price which more likely to be increased as time goes on.

Second, fuel flexibility. Any hydrogen fuel will do from biogas like ethanol. biodiesel to fossil fuel, like LPG, CNG to renewable energy like sun power, wind power etc. Hence, the owner can choose which type of fuel in their region which is the cheapest accordingly. This is the flexibility that matters a lot in value proposition.

Third, high efficiency. As you have Bloom Box/ Bloom Energy Server. You do not need a grid, or the fuel infrastructure. This increase the efficiency of power transmission compared to centralized power distribution system. It claims to have twice the efficiency of the current grid system. What's goes out is twice the efficient, halved the fuel consumption. If you are using renewable fuel, you are in carbon neutral. You can use the electricity without feeling guilty of polluting the environment.

Fourth, reliable. You can have electricity when sun isn't shining and wind doesn't blow. It is base load and work 24/7,365.

This is indeed a cost effective, reliable, better use of fuel and high efficiency product that guarantee will change your life in near future.

Solution for the Future

In foreseeable future, the world is looking for a solution. A solution for everybody in this world. What's the problem of everyone in this world?

US and Europeans are now going green as they have developed as much as they have polluted. They develop wind power turbines, solar panels but they are not reliable enough, they have power grids but its not that efficient.

China and India are developing fast and aggressive. New mega-cities sprout like mushrooms after rain, Latin America also keep their pace to improve living qualities. They elder generations wants their younger generation to live better, wealthier and so most of the developments emphasize in wealth creation.

Economic growth is strongly linked with energy consumptions. When you move up from middle-class, you will want to consume more energy by purchasing better automobiles, more energy consuming household like TVs, electrical appliances etc.

We cant stop people to grow economically and hence we will be focusing on generating cleaner energy to support economic growth of human population and conserving the nature at the same time.

What's the solution? Coming up next...