Thursday, October 15, 2009

What i want to do in future?

In future, it will be the era of saving the world as much as you can. Europe is taking the initiative to develop the green technology, sustainable effort to preserve the Earth. However, developing countries keep their pace fast to catch up the developed countries status but they follow the old way which US and Europe did last time. Rapid development and taxing the environment. for example, building tall building in nights and install as many as air con as you can. Producing cars as many as you to satisfy the billions population. Do they think of redesign the product for green concept? not really.

In my point of view, speaking about green tech, clean tech, sustainable stuffs are only the games of Europeans and partially US. People in India, China, Middle East do not really care about this in order to achieve the longly admired American Dream.

Under served, less developed countries suffered the worst. They lost connection with the world. While all 90 percent of technology and innovations only benefit the top 10% of the population in the social economy pyramid. Poor people in Cambodia rural areas have no light at night. Edison invented light bulbs decades ago. This is really strange.

Having this thought in my mind, i think we should adapt Europeans' Ideas, practice Chineses' working spirit, and seeking sustainable solutions like the Africans and Cambodians. Being a global player, we should have only one home to be bounded. That's earth.

Think of sustainable solutions, think green, help the poor and lets turn the 90/10 principal down in future.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vkuan happy birthday!

My 21st birthday. Its been a quite a pleasant one. I do plan for a special one for myself but somehow got engaged with lots of stuff especially after raya holidays. Well, i guess i ll have to celebrate with myself, used to.

30th sept, one day before the BIG day, i received my first wishes from my old buddy, Chen Kang from England. He's always being the first one to wish me.

Afternoon starting 2pm: wishes from course mates, secondary school friends, my college buddies.
Evening: wishes from course mates, secondary school juniors, wishes from Australia.
Night: wishes from course mates, wishes from Cambodia, wishes from seniors.
Midnight: Went out "yum cha", course mates who finished karate training sing me birthday songs at mamak stall. Sweet!

1st Oct starting 1 am: wishes from family members,wishes from the other potion of course mates, wishes from Peruvian Chicas.
2 am: Indulged myself seeing at my facebook wall.

Sitting and staring in front computer right now, been reminiscing what i have done, how i treat my friends, how i behave for last 2 years. I am pleased with wishes from all around. Love my buddies in university, Miss my overseas friends, If i were in the States right now, i might get seco. (bottom's up in spanish).

To my secondary school friends, thanks for still remembering me. To my friends in study/live in oversea, take good care and have a great time. To my oversea friend from Cambodia, thanks for counting down for me over there, Peruvians, i am waiting for your peru time to 1st oct.

Last but not least, my dear course mates, its been a warm night for me with all your wishes. I think i will have sweet year following up.

Lastly, to myself happy birthday, the 21st.
You can get drunk and gamble legally.
You can vote for your country and decide the suitable government.
You can marry a above 21 year old girl without parents' consent.

21 year old is the age you have to take the responsibilities of every action you taken or choices you have made. You have to be mentally, physically and financially independent. You must take care of people's feeling. You will not get forgiveness easily for every childish mistake.

Because you are a MAN !