Monday, October 27, 2008

Watched Bangkok Dangerous

I have watched Bangkok Dangerous. The film starred by Nicholas Cage who is my favorite actor. An actor with style and charismatic characteristic, that’s him.
Bangkok, was my previous travel place. The place where I have my Thai friends there. I have memorable moment there. Watching this movie somehow seems familiar to me. I was there before. My way to describe Bangkok is the city of faith. This place gathers various temples, everyday every moment people have faith to what they believe. They have wishes, they have hope and they believe.
Talk about the movie. Life of an assassin. Good pay, stabile job, travels to many places. But you sacrifice your friends, social life and relationship. Man cannot be lonely. Eat alone, sleep alone. This is the life of travel with a suitcase. I was tending to be in that kind of lifestyle-Loner. Now I learn to share, to care and to love.
Lastly, everything that we are doing must be in all conscience. Do the right thing. Let people to have hope and faith. This is the world it should be.Conscience.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Psychological Test

Today is my electric technology test, i was full of conidence due to advanced learning and extent research. But everything is up side down to me...

This is what happen. I got my test question, DAMN!! its my tutorial questions...First it doesnt stand out cause everyone might have done it. Second, i was very awkwardly done some fatal mistake that might cut of half of my marks...Forgot to divide 3 for 3 phase system...i remember to do it for resistance but not for voltage.

And, surprisingly when i got my final answer i wonder why the value is so large relatively, but i dont doubt for more seconds. Instead i took for granted.

Die!...Luckily its a test but i dont feel good. todays test is not electric technology but my psychology test. How i handle this internal conflict. I admited i am not good enough.

Recall a phrase that i read somewhere, Failure is Success if you learn from it.

Embrace it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008