Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My New Year Resolution

2009 coming soon!!

This is the year that i wanna start something new.


I have platform now and that stage will be my trainning ground. I gonna bring out my style, my philosophy, my way of conducting and see how is the power of my influence.

In future, when i gonna do start-ups, this skill will measure my success.

My personal appreciation of Prof Shih

Its weird... I am not NUS students but yet I am writing this blog.

Well..the reason is i admire Prof Shih, president of NUS. He is now heading to Saudi Arabia to become the founding president of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

I never meet him before and personally no relationship with him. But i read his speech from NUS website. Thanks to his many inspiring speeches that gave me awareness and motivation.

He has a principle. That is an A,C, C, is better than B,B,B.

This indicates that we must be good in something, something that is our mastery rather than being average in all area.

This gaves me a depth of looking in the path of discovering myself. Find out my mastery and become my identity. Please dont be jack of all trade, master of none.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My first semester...

My holidays ended nicely as I have planned. I got a part of commitment in ROBOCON. Learning introduction to robotics gave me a spark of interest in mechatronics. I know the types of motor, how robot works, components like PIC, circuit design like H-bridge and etc. In addition, I got to be friends with my final year seniors and a few great guys that teach me a lot in mechanical techniques.

Surprisingly, I also got involved in the initial plan of my holiday stay which is the research assistantship. Whether is luck or not, the first day I was given a task under fabrication of skeleton structure for master students on their engine conversion project. I work for 3 hours and finally decide to prioritise ROBOCON. As I return back to Engine’s Lab, I was assigned by Prof Horizon on the Omnilux’s resonant mechanical lamp oscillation design. This is a good start for mechatronics lover. As my previous friends who are in RA, they have done the mechanical work which is the oscillating blade with coil. When I took over, it’s time to duplicate the circuit part. I have learn up from basic soldering those components, identify them , draw schematic, learn up PicBasicPro, modified circuit board, and lots of electronic stuffs. I also got a skill learned from Prof Horizon which is the bite wiring skill. I got this skill when I saw him bite the insulator off the covered wire. I learn up and it pretty much helps. This is called experience, cant’t get form book. Lol. On the 17th, I have a movie preview session with Prof Horizon and a bunch of engine lab guys. We watched a documentary on finding longitudes. I have been inspired by Prof on navigation. Gonna find out how to find out location. Also, thanks for the kudos by Prof Horizon. We have a nice educative Nasi Kandar meal while watching the DVD. Finally, I found somebody as my university target example. That’s Prof Horizon. I want to copy his style of inspiring people, converting idea into words, sound knowledge in mechanical and mechatronics and the way he translate knowledge. This makes me change the way I learn stuff. I learn by doing.MIT motto, MIND AND HAND. I will learn by doing. Practicals is much more unexpected than theory. SAE club will be my base to show off.

My SECAV project is a failed one which I couldn’t generate sponsors. Well, no choices for but take money out from my wallet.

9th January will determine my first venture on entrepreneurship. That day will tell me whether my business works or no.

However, things don’t goes well as expected all the time. This semester my result is average…I think I can have better grade than just edge of good pointer. I wonder why I could get this result as I have full confidence and put up all my very best.
Some people say, results is very important, some people say the other way round. I think so far the most important is train all the skill you can obtained either soft skills, technical skill, communication skills and so forth.

When I looked back after four years, what is the achievement I possess, a paper? Developed characteristics? Financial literacy? Which matters the most? I have to find out. No doubt, I am still care my grades, but what really matters is beyond your book.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Electronics in my world...Anticipating 2nd Semester

My RA project puts me in a world of electronics. As i am studying in mechanical engineering...with electronics.....End up mechatronics....

Programming comes in for coming semester, ROBOCON give me mechatronics knowledge, Entrepreneur spirit on sparked, travelling desire lighten, suave multilanguage tougue join in, seems my journey is started in hectic and exciting way.

Prof Horizon will be my example in my university life. I will learn by his example. Not forget Ed as my key partner cum mentor. Prioritize would be the key of my 2nd Semester. Take on the challege and embrace it.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Resonant Mechanical Lamp Oscillation

My RA project is about Resonant Mechanical Lamp Oscillation.
Basically its a improvised light mechanism to obtain wider distribution of light. If its made in handy and efficient, it will help out form pipe wire investigator,refined road lights, car front light and etc.

What my team have done is just a duplication of what my profesor did last time 2 years ago. Will go in depth and try to optimise this model.

Today i came across my seniors CV. Impressive long and wide range of experience he got. I hope i could get that length to write endlessly...not like others squeezing the half pail knowledge to their cv to get a certain length for their cv. aiks.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Today i start my research assistanceship under my professor. I work on the Omnilux project which is a spreading light intensity using vibrating reflector at resonance frequency.

Well, this RA stuff is kinda tough and when you get paid to do something, you got the pressure succeeding it.

I choose the second path for my business plan. I come out with a plan that solves my trouble. Hahaha...i choose this due to its viability.

Also, i saw an oppourtunity in getting sponsorship...i shall see whether it works.

Details will disclosed next time.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


I am alone in campus. Friends gone back home this holiday while i am still here in my room.

I have plans to be executed in this holiday.I am working on think a decent business plan for HSBC young entrepreneur award entry. I am certain to bring up green revolution for this plan.
Then i am also wish that i could join research assitantship back since i have finished working for ROBOCON. Meanwhile for my SAE club establishment, i hope that me and my friends could pioneer this club out which is based on research and student projects. Last but not least, i am seeking sponsors for my Singapore visit. Hope Toastmaster would shone me the light of hope.

I have to conquer my solitudeness to get my job done. Hope this turns out a fruitful holiday.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Robot

After designing for a week, we got the blue prints of our robot. Starting december, we fabricate it. Design and fabrication is 2 different things. We may have good design and theory, but when come to practical, it is darn lot of contraint. Day and days of machining, our robot base has been done. We have done the base skeleton structure for it and motors for wheel.

It feels good when you turned something on solidworks file to concrete product.

Looking forward to install programming, and see how it moves.