Sunday, October 17, 2010

What i learn from people with different background

I have been educated into some degree today. Normally, I am always the one who lead to project among my peers and the project goes in the direction of my thinking. This time, initially it is under my urging to keep the project progress.

However, today I am educated by my friend who has working experiences with few big companies before and he comes from a different background from I do and also where I am not so good in but interested in. Hence, I learn a lot from him.

For example, when you design something, you need a concept. After you got you concept you need to validate your concept with the specification or the requirement. Validation has to be written in black and white or else your boss change his mind and your work will be futile. Another importance of validation is to confirm your functional description of your work. After this, you add in sensor, motor and so on in your application. At this time, no more “maybe”s should be in your explanation or description. You are going to confirm your design and soon it will be fabricated.

It is good to spend some time in design, validate, discuss and finalize rather than restart the whole process or make add on corrections after. CAD is made to allow you see the problem after fabrication, make full use of this. By the way, the best way is always prevention, not curing.

Personally, I think it is good to work with different people from different background. We can complement each other and together we achieve results. Now I felt the advantage of diversity makes some difference in the project and if we are open to ideas and adapt accordingly. I think we benefited in our own ways. 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Stockholm Syndrome

  My 22nd Birthday was a wonderful one. I was on the cruise to Stockholm. Apparently the capital city of Scandinavia. Its true, it is very very beautiful. Probably the most beautiful city i ever visited this far.

  I just don't know how to describe the classic city view of Stockholm and the mesmerizing narrow aisles between buildings.

So i think picture speaks more powerful than my words in this instance. Indeed, this is the syndrome i got here in Stockholm. I will want to visit again. If you only have a short day in Stockholm, just pick Gamla Stan. This old town has much to feed your sight.