Thursday, August 28, 2008

Planning to Visit Singapore

I always keep myself to be globlised. Well, i have my first step done-selected as the comittee of organising an educational and career trip to Singapore.

I was elected as the one of the leader of sponsorship seeking teams. I was glad to be named as promising Year 1 student. I am looking forward to work with my seniors and make this trip worked out.

How to find sponsor? This is quite new to me especially finding a corporate sponsorship. Making proposal, presenting ideas, persuading , negotiating....bla bla....This is my responsiblity overall. However finding sponsor is playing a great part in this trip if we expected a subsidised trip to Singapore.

Right! here starts my job. My schedule is packing with stuff...but i am enjoying. What doesnt kill makes yoou stronger. I am pushing myself to limit to extend my ability and unleash my talent.

Fight well and keep focused to ultimate aim.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Watch THE FIRM 2

Recently i am keen on watching Malaysia's Reality Show-The Firm 2. It is a show on how young Malaysian executives perform to accomplish the task given. In this, the 4th episode. Team Asset and Team Equity were asked to do sales for credit card. This is a quantitative task. Team which got the most sign-ups will win in this round.

Both teams take place in LimKokWing University. Their aim is to get students to sign up for the credit card. Team Asset will do the sales on the first day and Team Equity is on the second day. It is always the First ones who got early advantages. Team Asset might steal the market at first but if they are not dominating...Team Equity which is the second team to perform might have more advantages to cover the follow ups. They have publisity done by the first team. Team Equity actually has reference points if they do observations on the first day. They can find out what way do the best by observe the pioneers. Unfortunately, they lose in this round and they put the excuse over this point that is they are the second team to do the sales.

For both teams, i saw that everyone is doing the sales all the time. The team leader is not functions as the master mind. For me, i think that leader should be the director having the whole picture in mind and controlling the situation. In this episode, the leaders is doing the sales as much as other. The base is in a mess. Masami, the leader of Team Equity is not a positive leader.
She is pissed out when something goes wrong in the plan. Team leader should be the firmest man in the team, lead the team to victory. When something goes wrong, adapt, react and execute. Market is fluctuating in business world. As Peter Pek said, market is unpredictable. You should prevent the problem happen, if not adapt quickly to save the market. Team Equity does not observe the location where the event takes place. If you are going to have an event in Sydney Opera House, do you expect to plan based on photographs of it?

One man i want to criticise is Chris. He seems an experienced man based on the way his teamates describe him. He doesnt seems like energising the team, he act cool and exclude himself away from the team. Being a leader or entrepreneur, one must bring the team together and put the team in positive form. Be part of the team, discuss and express your opinions. Dont express at the last part after the team lose. Leave the act cool part alone at home.

Anyway i expect more and more positive and inspiring aspects from The Firm. Both corporate leaders always have firm direction and strong, directive point of view. Learn from them.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Starting of My University Life

Rounds and rounds of considerations, admissions and rejections.....finally i set my foot in USM Engineering Campus. A youngster like me have lots of dreams, although sometimes i cant get what i want or maybe i am uncertain of what i want, however i realised that life sometimes can be that simple-Make a choice, decide and dont look back. I proceed and i make the best out with what i have.

Its been more than a month i settled down in USM. Though this is a smaller campus compared to the main campus but i started to love this campus.The path way between Aerospace school and Chemical Engineering School is my favourite.The whole campus is walkable and accesible. Anyway i still buy myself a bicycle. I can still reach lecture hall at 8am although i depart at 7.55am. Speaking of friendliness, i think my seniors are all really good and helpful. As time passes by, i find that place has more to discover. It has good potentials and chances for me to grow and learn.

I am also pleased to got to know many friends here especially those from Penang. The Penanites are amusing with their hokkien. I really having fun listening to their conversation.

After all, i am ready to make the best out of what i have.