Thursday, November 12, 2009

Positive Energy

Atomics Physics tell us that atoms are surrounded by electrons, electrons possess energy and they jumping in and out, conducting electricity, forming bonding between another atoms and forming ions etc.

Well this is also true for human being. We have energies around us. I would like to category them into merely positive and negative energy. These energies influencing people around. Well...most of the time, people around you conducting negative energy like : oh thats difficult, oh shit, oh what the world is so unfair, you can never make it, thats sucks, forget it and give up and so on. Your friends might giving you a negative thinking and make our day down without noticing it.

Well, we should have positive energy around us. Things like we persevere, motivate, aspire and inspire are very important. You probably just wanna give a sigh on how bad your day is but this conduct some portion to other people around you.

Hence, you should keep positive, believe there is hope and the world is not as bad as you think. Change and empower will make up your day and light ups people's life and eventually they will shine you in other way some other time.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

what will you do if 2012 dooms?

The movie "2012" is showing in theater soon, the trailers are indeed thrilling. We wonder, what if it is true in 3 years time. Will you still reading the textbooks in your hands, will you doing the routine activities daily, will you still keep the words you want to say, will you still restrain yourself from what you wanted to do long time ago?

If you answers Nos for above, then you haven been really doing what you want. You still have dreams to catch and wishes to achieve. Probably, you are trapped in this place, time and things.

Steve Jobs been diagnosed a heavy disease last time and he sense death. Everyday, he is thinking, if there is no tomorrow, what i want to do today. This thought lifted him to do a lot of extraordinary things and when he get back to doctor. It was a misdiagnosed. Having sensing death, he appreciated life.

Human will not change until we come to a point where change is a must to survive. Many times, we have been doing something doesnt really important in our life and keep the important ones aside for future. We would say, nah...there still a lot of time. However, mostly what left is regrets.

Hence, love your family, appreciate friends, care the youngs and respect the elders are the basics of all. Show them your love and care, live your life.