Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Sophomore Highlight

Speaking about highlight, it should be something accomplished, some kind of achievement, and you feel proud of it.

This highlight of mine is none other than my participation in Shell Eco Marathon Asia.In fact we didn't finish the laps, we did not get an official result.

Actually, i did not put much high hopes in this competition. We know our progress and our level. We know the problem and the major flaws. Being first timer is only one time excuse, however when you come back next year and so on, make sure you have more than 100% improvement.

Putting resolutions aside, the event i had in July was awesome! We worked on stuffs in the pit stop, put it up and running, chatting with other students,learning from others and etc.

I have seen some great designs, i can feel the effort from some students and i am exposed to a wider play field. There are much more to achieve, there are more possibilities, the idea is in your head, the passion comes from your heart.

In the coming years, i am gonna start this task as David and finish it a Goliath.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Don't Worry...Be Happy

Playing hard games is the matter of choice, if you able to overcome the pace and the difficulty, you will have a sweet victory. If you and your team are not strong enough to win, all you have to do is to enjoy your game.

A man (like me) is very egoistic, not giving up to failure and if anything go against my way, i will give it a bad time. However, when things f***ed up, i am giving myself a hard time. should not give up easily but exhausting yourself will not make you survive for a long war.

Learning to enjoy the game is a virtue to practice if you positive yourself, things will get straightened up when it comes.

Dave, take it easy.