Sunday, January 25, 2009

I was here @ Singapore

Hooray, i have a wonderful trip in Singapore last week. It was an annual project which organised by student affair department selected delegates from USM engineering campus. This year is home of Merlion-Singapore.

Well, I feel Singapore is very similar to Malaysia. Same people, same history--almost, same community,same language.

Despite these similiarity, i found out Singapore has yet some differences.

Singapore has different culture which is better than Malaysian. This is punctuality. I experienced their punctuality from buses, MRT to event commencement. i believe punctuality is amazing important in increasing efficiency.

Same as what people thought of Singapore. A clean, safe and efficient city.I have visited many places in Singapore like Bugis, Chinatown and Little India. These places are unique cultural region. Its very typical chinese, indian places. while bugis is the busiest street shopping places.

Well, i stayed in river valley, in a backpackers inn named Fernloft.
I walked to Clarke Quay almost every night. That place is beautiful and romantic. Its the best place for couples to hang around but too bad i walk single there.

I visited the famous leisure island in Singapore which is Sentosa Island.

People or tourists love to go there as this is a place where citizens enjoyed the beaches, theme parks, bird eye view from sky tower, singapore history museum and nature walk. In this small island, you will find an integrated leisure places from Sentosa. Soon, the hotel and casino will be built in this island and more elements of entertainment will be added in this place.

I also visited Singapore Universities- NTU and NUS.
This is a great oppourtunity to establish network with singapore counterparts and also international ones. I got to know friends from india and china from NUS.

These days in Singapore, i meet up my old friends who studying in singapore and also new friends. i am glad that i also meet up a very special friend who i got to know her in airplane when i was on a flight to Hong Kong.
Summary, i am glad i was there in Singapore. i found out travel is not all about places. It will be a more wonderful trip if there are right people there when you travel.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Passion vs Drive

Something bothering me lately,

I have been soul searching, trying to distinguish what is my passion, what is my drive.
I am afraid, i am scared, i am nervous due to what i have been doing this lately might be just drive which is the things that i obligated to do....

Been busy everyday, but why i say busy if i am passionately doing it. So these stuffs i am doing are it? isnt it?

I have a direction in my undertakings, just waiting the right stuff to come into me. Do whatever i can do, experience wider scope, seize the "wave" and catch it. Keep doing and searching.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I was in National Youth Entrepreneur Convention

10th Jan 09,
I attended NYEC.
This is an event that i look forward to since 08. I missed the 1st convention due to me was in US.
This year, i came with my colleague, Siu Hou and Ed.
I am glad to be there as i learnt a lot and get aspired in terms of entrepreneurial spirit.

My biggest pleasure is i got the chance to take picture with my favourite youth idols, Joel and Khailee.
These boys made we feel empowered. They are great lads that unite the voices of teen in Malaysia.
Joel has the charisma to be a great leader in future. He is an inspiring figure in entrepreneurship. I hope to work with him someday. Looked at the event he put up, he has the skill organising, managing and displaying in a very professional way. He will be the one unites all malaysia teens.
Khailee is a genius as he has the special power that make him stand out. I like his presenting style, he is he is a man that you just couldnt take your eyes off when he stand on the stage. He is not actor, he is not singer, and he able to convert his unique idea and philosophy into word and catch audience's heart.
So, Joel plus Khailee....they will be the dynamic duo in malaysia.

At the end of this convention,
i have my entrepreneurial spirit sparkled, and i am striving for it.
Not forgetting other speakers like Aiden, Jeff, Ganesh, Ricky, and Henry. They are the technopreneurs that moves malaysia youth into a higher stage in this globalised world.
We must be able to catch the wave and ride on it. These are the good surfers in this wave of globalisation.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Presenting in INTEL

Today is the day I have my very rare opportunity in my life. I went to INTEL.

I am going to present my Singapore Trip Sponsorship Proposal. My senior Ed drives me up to Bayan Lepas where INTEL Design Center is located. Upon arriving, we saw a big building and huge parking lots. It’s like a college campus. There is also bus to bring employees from one building to another.

Standing in front of PG 12, we are waiting for Mr. Lai to bring us into the building. Talking about this Mr. Lai, he is a cool guy who I think the one that help me make this sponsorship a success. He helped me a lot through the process and I owe him a great gratitude.
Here comes Mr. Lai, we shake hand and introducing ourselves. After granted the access to Design Center, we marched to meeting room. On the way I see cubicles of workplace for engineers. Some of them are young lads, pretty ladies, experienced seniors, nerds and geeks.
Reached meeting room, we sat down and I prepare my slides to be presented. In front of me there are 3 panel audience which one is Mr. Lee-manager of I don’t know, Mr. Lai-senior automation engineer, and Esther.

I present my slides and we negotiate in the mean time as well. The atmosphere there is quite relaxing but there are at times I face tough question. I tried my best to convince them. Their question and request is very professional and experienced. I have to make sure I come back with a better performance during the time I present my trip report.

Finally, I get it through. Mr. Lee signed the cheque and I got mission accomplished. I have succeeded. Yea!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Intel Sponsors USM SECAV

My hardwork pays finally....

INTEL...a renowned technology company sponsors my Singapore Education and Career Visit.
This is our USM annual engineering educational initiative. We are heading to Singapore this year 2009, a week before holiday to visit NTU, NUS and Jurong shipyard. We will learn how Singapore counterparts learn engineering, how Singapore Industry works, what is their residential life and so on.

Finally a sigh of relief. I have accomplished my duty. Getting a offical sponsorship for this trip.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Water Rocket Soars!!

Today is the day APOLO project is done.Nicely done. Our multi stage rocket works well.....Air pressure 80 psi....Turn on pressure switch....pump the booster....pump the secondary rocket.....pump again the booster and LAUNCH!!!

Booster lift the whole rocket to one storey high....and pulled down by two strings attached with launcher pad. This triggers the secondary rocket to launch up another storey high.....Upon apogee...parachute deploys.....Few seconds later....Rocket land safely.

We got this on video....I and Jun Lii share this very moment together....Nice job SAE pioneer team. Prof Horizon is there too witnesses our launch process.....

Today we declared APOLO project accomplished.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday As The start of the Week.

I learnt this theory from a newspaper column. It is originated from Japan.

Friday is the start of the week. We plan our schedule on Friday and think about future planning on Saturday and Sunday. Then, Monday we execute our plan fully. The execution ends on Wednesday and Thursday is the post mortem.

Why we do this? This way is done by using 3 days to finish a week activities. We do the planning on the days which should be free and less hustle. If you set things on Monday, let it be the start of the week, it will make us feel that we have 5 days to execute our plans. In that way we will be less “frequency” or being less efficient since the time we have is longer.

Let Friday be the day we plan. Use weekends as the time we wonder what to do in future. Set the direction correct and strive on Monday.
Within 3 days of full execution we should be able to do what we want efficiently.

Try this habit out. I am trying.