Sunday, November 30, 2008


Today i went up to Penang island with Edward Goh and HellCat.

First of all we went to a church, St Mary's....i guess and Ed took a picture of the church with the sunshine of dawn behind it. Its looks good.

Then, we go to island and we go to eat Prawn mee in Sungei Dua. Long time never eat prawn mee and i think Penang's is very delicious. After that, we proceed to Queensbay Mall.

At the extrance of Queensbay Mall we saw the Honda's ASIMO show. Truly, after 22 years of researching, ASIMO is born with inspiring young generation in the pursuit of dreams. I am truly inspired by the deterimination of Honda engineers developing racing cars, jet , fuel efficient vehicle, and ROBOTS. Recently, i am engaged with the ROBOCON project. This trip particularly ASIMO boost my determination of making wonderful robots.
Then, me and Ed share and buy the lastest book. The World is hot, flat and crowded by Thomas Friedman. We wanna learn to see the world today and predicts the future. We do hope to make impact in creating better live and prospecive future.

Ed and i are developing the a business plan to praticipate in ASIA YEA. Our plan is similiar to the new coach line AEROLINE and we probably should change our plan as its is been applied already. I need inspirations!! However i learn that we must keep ourself update with current affairs and modern trend.

The next destination we went is the PISA job fair. I found nothing interesting there but i got know more about Toastmaster International. Its a non for profit organisation that gather people from all walk of life in a place and learn up speaking and presentation skills. The speaker, Chris gave me a good impression and i should be as good as him in presenting ideas. We must possess a leadership without authority. He also shared his interest in lion dancing. He tells us that we should become the drummer that controls the show and the lions are the presenter. In liondance, the one work behind are hardworking unsung heros, the head is the public presenters, probably the boss or the symbolic figures, but they all controlled by the drummer, the driver of the company. The one who drives people to goal is the key man is succeeding task and creating wonders.

Dinner time we went to Teluk Bayan for curry mee and we went back campus.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ROBOCON design stage

Our group is going into design stage which we have preferred mechanism in achieving tasks.
As now, we have chose our mechanism line according to design criterias.

My groupmate, Ying Wei is a great fellow who knows most of the stuffs outside syllabus. He know what his colleague doesnt. He helps a lot and provide many expertise advices.

My other groupmate, Siu Hou provide many fresh ideas and he think a lot of perspectives but somehow i feel he is abit conservative.

Anyway, we hope our presentation is a convincing one and i hope our robot will represent Malaysia.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Robocon day one

Today is day one and i have a great session with my seniors in ROBOCON.I think my seniors have an organised session for us and i feel " ah!! this is the envirionment that i want "

Although i intercept half way, i start from 2nd session. Find Constraint and Task.
Constraint and Task is an important steps and sometimes we always neglected. Kudos for Wei Hou for introducing this. We discuss and find out the constraint, wht we cannot do, whats the rules restrict, what the dimension limit, preventing violation. Then, the Task is what we can do to achieve goals.

Finding these can made a good reference for us during design stage. We can prevent violation and we can also make choices based on them.

Later chapter of the day is the brain storming session. We are going to create an idea bank for designing robots.

heres how to do fast diagram to collect and link our ideas,
1) we must know that no idea is stupid.
2)watch the clock-this give us know what we know and we brainstorming under pressure. Think fast, its a good to train engineers. MIT way.
3)record every idea.
4)Quantity emphasized
5)Maintain correct mindset and have fun
6)Let no good idea go unheard.

So we mind mapping and we do it stage by stage.
eg, starting with a task.
then think the ways to acheive the task
then think the method for the ways
then think the mechanism of the method.

p/s we must make it stage by stage to prevent we go too further details to a particulat line, then forgot the other ways. Plus we might keep think the solution for the one line chain only. Alternative may not be stimulated.

Kudos kudos for seniors who bring this system. I learn a lot today on arranging ideas. I could apply it for my club and projects.

Prioritize...choosing between RA and Robocon

This holiday i have research assistant job and Robocon project. At the start of the the holiday, i found out we have overlapping time schedule for these two. I gonna choose one of it, for 1) giving my best contribution, 2) learning the best from it.

I having a tough afternoon making choices. However, i do prioritize. I find out my priority for this holiday and i made a choice. Comparing pros and cons and answer my 2 purpose above make me opt for ROBOCON.

Robocon needs me and i could give more ideas. Also i like the environment there.
Hows the environment there? Check out next blog!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Making of Sigma Alfa Epsilon

SAE is my first ever founding club i got. I was eager to make him a success. I describe SAE club as a he because he is not made to be beautiful. LOL....I want to make him like my start ups.

My part as a chairperson is incorporate the culture to run this club. I want my club to have creative environment. I want my club to be like young start ups like MindValley. I haven studied this company much but i believe this is a right way to follow.

I want to learn to be open, willing to share, and able to motivate and influence my comrades.
Hence i much do a lot of case studies about innovative companies.

I try and i try to be a great entrepreneur and this is the platform for me. My learning models is Khailee and Joel. They are my inspirations.

Here is what i learn today from Khailee Website.

Small steps to winning work ethics, and working smart

• Question every advice, don’t accept things without being asking why and how

• Question every “rule” – there are many false assumptions

•When you want to get something done, look for an efficient process first

• Don’t compromise with your team mates – debate!

• Encourage each other to bug each other to work!

I will nurture this environment for my beginning process.
Since i learn the rule, i apply rule number one.

questioning rule number 2, rules to be questioned is to understand the game well.
If you question the rules you will get better understanding of it.

questioning rule number 3, Look for an efficient process. However i think this is the later part. first part is judge the things to be done. It must be ethical, conscience and worth-doing. to have a efficient process we must be creative and adaptive to existing ideas. When reinvent the wheel, just adapt to match your needs and put more atention to what you want.

questioning rule number 4, Debating with your friends is inspiring somehow but you need to let them know your style so they will not miss understand. Find a good debate is a task. Make sure you target is debatable. Debate is a fun but debate in a fun way. Dont end up querrering. And find public as judges or let the compromision be the judge.

questioning rule number 5, yea!! this is a way to chop down birocracy. this way can diminish superior and staff status. You need each other to succeed a thing so you must gain respect for your profile not power. Be down to earth. everyone is clever in this world this era.

Well this is my ideas. Hope my brainchild grow heallthy!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Summary of my first semester

First semester of USM.
I gave myself an A- for my overall performances in my first semester.
I am the course representative for mechanical engineering freshmen and i have already got certain popularity among my friends.

I have also fortunate to know some very good seniors who gave me the oppourtunity to be better. I am the only one freshman to got to know Professor Horizon and i got the chance to establish a club namely SAE.

As for oversea chances, i have the oppourtunity to become one of the delegates to visit Singapore. Only 3 first year students got it. Finally i am staying back for research assistant job.

I didnt put myself much engaged in other society activities like chinese society. I am working on Engineering Based Projects and other outside campus competition. I believe i have build a great foundation and i am ready to take off.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Vagabond...I am...
Living in a community but feel like a vagabond. Does not posses anything permanent....i always on go...

Maybe i still do have deep root to where i am. I am good in where i situated but i always look for furthur. So far nothing have make me miss the place. Maybe i have a closed heart. Should i come this place and leave this place quietly without making impact? Maybe time will unlock my heart. I hope i ll find something that roots me but contradictly i do hope to go the spores of the flowers....goes by the guide of wind. Where is my belonged earth? where is my destiny? Maybe this is the place.....Perhaps....


Coming from behind....

I am learning how to come to front from behind. In some aspect , i was few steps behind due to mistakes. I must learn and work harder to make a remarkable comeback. Liverpool has make some amazing comeback to win over some matches, especially Euro championship finals in Istanbul against AC Milan. Its truly inspiring. Work your very best...never give up. Learn from your mistake, and make extra power thrust....You still have chances as soon as the game is not over yet....Apply it in your studies.....