Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vietnam Day One:3 places in one day

I am heading Ho Chi Minh City. I prebooked air ticket way half a year ago during AirAsia promotion season. I bought depart to and return from Ho Chi Minh City without thinking much.However, train from HCM to Hanoi take 33 hours, with my only 10 days trip in Vietnam, 33 hours is a disaster. So, we bought Jetstar from HCM to Hanoi.

I saw something funny in jetstar plane. Why the hell Jetstar has malay words. Jetstar is an Australian LCC and serves various destination in Vietnam. I wonder, didnt they buy old AirAsia Boeing airplane, did they?

I reached Hanoi at night, and we linger around Hanoi old quarter. Its kinda cold in the month of December and we lost in hanoi old quarter when we try to get back to our hostel.

However, Hoan Ho Kiem Lake at night is pretty nice to enjoy. It is a superb place for couple to date. Lots of couple make out there around the lake. Perhaps french colonial had left this big impact on nurturing the romantic environment for these vietnamese.

Hanoi has preserved its old vietnam style architecture in this old quarter. Though many tourists coming in, i do wish that Hanoi still remain its own style of old vietnamese atmosphere.

End of the day, i realised that i had breakfast in KL, lunch in Ho Chi Minh City and Dinner in Hanoi. Three cities are 2000 km away from each other.

Good Morning Vietnam!

USA has Uncle Sam and Vietnam has Uncle Ho.
Last year end holiday, i teamed up with my buddy backpack to visit Uncle Ho. We have yet to experience so many jaw opening phenomenons, drowning experience, strange encounter, eye opening scene, crazy bargain, all time emo and unique friendship.

Following blogposts will be my day to day diary. I am intend not to write what Lonely Planet can write at its best and so do other travel guide. i would just note down my view about the places and my personal unique experience which i hope readers would found it different from others and could not get from other places else except here from me.