Sunday, December 5, 2010

Loneliness, Privacy, Calm

 Friends gone out for trip, for some reason i didnt follow then as i have plans for that soon. Hence, this weekend, i will stay with myself.

 When i walked back from school, i saw Christmas candle lights by the window, the light shone from the inside, through the gap between window coverings. It felt so warm. I guess this is the warmth from home. I miss home.

 Then after i saw a huge Christmas tree with lighting bulb on it standing still in the common yard. The feeling of Christmas has come. Xmas songs start humming in my head. My mind flashes back how i celebrate xmas at home.

 Feeling calm, i entered my empty flat. Turned on the classical songs in my computer, i started cooking something warm, something reminiscing-my curry chicken.

 "Rhapsody On Paganini"playing as my food is hot and ready to served. Signing off with the mixture feeling of loneliness, total privacy and calm.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


  When you been asked why you do what you do, i am thinking of IMPACT. I want to work my stuffs which brings impact to my project, community and world. This reason is the motivating force to keep me working and make me live a great life.

  While getting impact to the world, you have to innovate. Innovation is about renewing ideas, invention in a realistic product that change people's life, improve well being, restore environmental resources and make sustainability the bottom line of working things out.

  Personally, as an engineer to be, we design to realize innovation from plain invention. We make things accessible to everyone within reach. We expand new possibilities and improving technologies that emphasize on expand more capabilities.

 While toolset changes as technology improving, human mindset have to change as well to make innovation happens. From telescope enable mankind to see farther space and broaden the horizons in mind, motion camera taken out of the box and capturing motions from different angle of the play instead of standing still facing the stage as a normal stage audience view. We should use out technology wise to do new things and not use something new to do old things. 

 Mindset change is the ultimate set to bring innovations, and innovations bring impacts, and impacts improve mankind lives.

                                                                                                                  -inspired by Autodesk University

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Visit to ERA

Electric RaceAbout-ERA is the runner up of the recent Automotive X Prize. Today I have this great oppourtunity to pay a visit to their workshop where the legend of student built EV is happened.

As I seen from the student poster about ERA:

2 years ago, a group of Finnish engineering students with innovative minds, started an electric vehicle project from an empty table.

Working hard, learning step by step, together with the help of talented teachers and experts, gave us a lot of experience.

The automotive industry is now in the changing point, ERA vehicle project can show that high quality Finnish engineering is ready for that change.

The passion to the automotive world keeps our team to focusing hard to one great goal, success in the Automotive X Prize competition in the summer 2010.

The goal of the Progressive Automotive X Prize is to inspire a new generation of viable, super efficient vehicles to offer consumers more choices and make their lives better as a result.

For me, this looked like a declaration of motivation to me for my future undertaking. My counterparts prove to me this challenge is not impossible for undergrads. They done it superbly well with over 60 partners from industries and government, highly performance car with power train of the future, sporty-eye catching aerodynamic body, and a great deal of knowledge to learn.

I am very excited to see these phenomenons happening around, the trend is starting fast and young. This is the wave that I am gonna to ride.

Following the trail, this lead to another great electric automaker-Tesla Motors. One of the Founder, Elon Musk is a great example to follow.

I will start my project with a WHY as the central value. Why I do this? Those who are in pursuit of WHY will do what is right. So Why?

1st: To prove that we can have alternative solution to combat global warming. In terms of technology, we must equipped ourselves with technological solution and knowledge to use energy in a more efficient way. In mobility, car is major part in human’s life. Electric vehicle will be the future solution.

2nd: To redefine Malaysian engineering. German is famous for their upmost quality product, US is leading the innovation and Japan for their depth of research. As a Malaysian engineering student, the best I can do is product a high quality product that can go on par with other counterparts in an international platform.

3rd: To create new value for future business. Since electric drive will be the solution for mobility, new value will be added to current products. Better motor, better control, better power electronics, better battery, better drive train are the sectors to be market for business in future.  

4th: The fulfill thirst of knowledge. As for mechanical students, what else could be more interesting and technological demanding than building a car? Electro-Mechanical is the best scope to learn in my bachelor degree.

5th: To win in the coming Shell Eco Marathon Competition. A platform is needed to prove your work. A defined standard, rules and test track is set up for the engagement of engineering strength for students in Asia. SEM 2012 is my stage. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What i learn from people with different background

I have been educated into some degree today. Normally, I am always the one who lead to project among my peers and the project goes in the direction of my thinking. This time, initially it is under my urging to keep the project progress.

However, today I am educated by my friend who has working experiences with few big companies before and he comes from a different background from I do and also where I am not so good in but interested in. Hence, I learn a lot from him.

For example, when you design something, you need a concept. After you got you concept you need to validate your concept with the specification or the requirement. Validation has to be written in black and white or else your boss change his mind and your work will be futile. Another importance of validation is to confirm your functional description of your work. After this, you add in sensor, motor and so on in your application. At this time, no more “maybe”s should be in your explanation or description. You are going to confirm your design and soon it will be fabricated.

It is good to spend some time in design, validate, discuss and finalize rather than restart the whole process or make add on corrections after. CAD is made to allow you see the problem after fabrication, make full use of this. By the way, the best way is always prevention, not curing.

Personally, I think it is good to work with different people from different background. We can complement each other and together we achieve results. Now I felt the advantage of diversity makes some difference in the project and if we are open to ideas and adapt accordingly. I think we benefited in our own ways. 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Stockholm Syndrome

  My 22nd Birthday was a wonderful one. I was on the cruise to Stockholm. Apparently the capital city of Scandinavia. Its true, it is very very beautiful. Probably the most beautiful city i ever visited this far.

  I just don't know how to describe the classic city view of Stockholm and the mesmerizing narrow aisles between buildings.

So i think picture speaks more powerful than my words in this instance. Indeed, this is the syndrome i got here in Stockholm. I will want to visit again. If you only have a short day in Stockholm, just pick Gamla Stan. This old town has much to feed your sight.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hello Helsinki

My third week in Finland:

I was in Helsinki on Saint Migual's Tapas Day. I traveled to Helsinki to have a look at the city of Sea.

I got down from the train and i headed to the famous Lutheren Church which is the famous landmark of Helsinki. I love big building with strong big pillar, they are very awesome. The church is white and i feel very pure in my heart standing in front of the church, high on the steps looking towards to the gulf of Finland.

Soon after, i take on the ferry, and travel across to an island called the Suomenlinna. It was a place that protected Finland from the invasion of Russia long time ago. You can see fortress, bunkers and cannons in that island.

I was lucky to visit Suomenlinna that day because that day was coincidentally the the 300th anniversary of the birth of the founder of the Suomenlinna fortress, Augustin Ehrensvärd. People wearing traditional costume and having some celebration within the island. I followed the marching band and enjoyed the activities they had around the island. Some memorial, sketches, cannon fire and photography session.

I also went to the edge of the island where it becomes my favourite hideout this far. Sitting on a big rock by the sea, looking farther to the opposite island. Sea waves hitting the rocks, sea gulls flying in the free open air, people yachting in the middle of the sea, cruise ships bringing merry crowds back from Stockholm or Talinn have been a great scene of relaxation.

Sitting beside with another traveler from Norway. We chatted about places we have been, showing off our travel companion-DSLRs and we share the common interest at this stage of life- See and experience the world when we are young.

Friday, September 24, 2010

In Tampere with Friends

Sitting on the VR train to Tampere, I saw wide fields, yellow woods, little cottages pass by the train window. My heart was longing for meeting my friends in Tampere.

I reached the city center and it was drizzling. Tampere is washing her face and welcoming me with a fresh look. Tampere impresses me in way of city planning with well-blended nature. This city has big buildings arranged nicely in grid, a big canal in the middle of the city with few bridges linked across. She has some great and historical cathedral and churches for prayers, music orchestra and of nice settings for wedding of course.

I met my friends and they gave me a warmest welcome I ever had in Finland. We walked around the city and visited the some churches, parks and the city square. It is indeed worth travelling for weekend wanderers. There is a mural along the wall edge between the roof and the ends of pillars. There are 12 children holding a long tied bush. Each of them has different load on them symbolizes how people carry their burden in life. I feel this mural is so real reflecting how life’s hitting us. We live the way we carry our responsibility, burden and ambition. Somebody have born burdens, some people are living carefree, and some of them have legacies in life. Well, what am I? I live in the way I choose. I am lucky and I appreciate my freedom of choosing my life.

Along the way, we went to Asian Market. At last I am able to get the ingredient for some Malaysia food-Curry Paste. We made curry chicken for our dinner. It’s been awhile my tongue hasn’t got challenged.

The next day, I was coincidentally lucky that I located at the right place, at the right time to attend an Asian gathering for celebrating mid-autumn festival. This gathering gathered a lot of Asian exchange students and some international students in a church. I have a great fun meeting new people from Asia. They are having the same life as I am. Studying abroad alone and facing new experience every moment, they leaving dearest friends and family at far side of the earth. Hence, when we chatted with each other, we felt the same telepathy frequency among us. The best of all is, we tasted mooncake in foreign land. Rare food always tasted more delicious. During the gathering, I meet many Chinese living in this Suomi land on various reasons. They are very helpful to each other, the root in heart and blood. I think this is the connection of ethnic. Living in foreign is never been easy. Finding identity among whites and blondes, these Chinese tolerate with people around, and trying to serve the community as well as they could be. They appreciate the opportunities given to them to start a new life.

Day dreaming when I was on the train back to my place from Tampere, my mind is recalling the smile and the laughter of my friends. I have a great time in the weekend. Unfolding my little torn scrap paper with some written contact of my new friends, this could unveil another subchapter of my life.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Its Been A Week in Finland

Today marks my first week in Finland. Hence, i am here to express my impression about Suomi.

Finnish is always drunk. This is for sure. Drinking (a lot) is their culture, so you can see late at night, someone walking in dizzy, talking nonsense (not always) to stranger but in a very friendly way, you bet he is a Finnish.

Finnish likes coffee. Every class i have, they have coffee break. Lecturer will get a cup of coffee to wake up their brain cells, maybe coffee can cure yesterday's drunk hang over? i guess so.

Finnish is erotically cool. Most of the teens got piercings, girls have extreme colour dye on their hair, like pink, blue, green... They are always dressed like rock star.

Finnish can be cool if you don't know them, but once you are close to them, they are one of your best friend that you can get. Finnish is nice people generally.

Finnish sauna is the trademark. I tried and i starting to like it. In sauna, they heat up the rocks and pour water on them. The vapour rises and heat the whole room up. People inside soak in sauna naked. It is the culture, respect and bear with it. Its nothing after all. Keep cool~ Hence, Finnish child got early sex education.

So this is my impression about Finnish and Finland. I guess there will be more to be discovered. Time and people will show me the uniqueness of Finns.

Thursday, August 26, 2010






Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Sophomore Highlight

Speaking about highlight, it should be something accomplished, some kind of achievement, and you feel proud of it.

This highlight of mine is none other than my participation in Shell Eco Marathon Asia.In fact we didn't finish the laps, we did not get an official result.

Actually, i did not put much high hopes in this competition. We know our progress and our level. We know the problem and the major flaws. Being first timer is only one time excuse, however when you come back next year and so on, make sure you have more than 100% improvement.

Putting resolutions aside, the event i had in July was awesome! We worked on stuffs in the pit stop, put it up and running, chatting with other students,learning from others and etc.

I have seen some great designs, i can feel the effort from some students and i am exposed to a wider play field. There are much more to achieve, there are more possibilities, the idea is in your head, the passion comes from your heart.

In the coming years, i am gonna start this task as David and finish it a Goliath.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Don't Worry...Be Happy

Playing hard games is the matter of choice, if you able to overcome the pace and the difficulty, you will have a sweet victory. If you and your team are not strong enough to win, all you have to do is to enjoy your game.

A man (like me) is very egoistic, not giving up to failure and if anything go against my way, i will give it a bad time. However, when things f***ed up, i am giving myself a hard time. should not give up easily but exhausting yourself will not make you survive for a long war.

Learning to enjoy the game is a virtue to practice if you positive yourself, things will get straightened up when it comes.

Dave, take it easy.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Best Smell and Noise I ever had

People hate noise, people hate unpleasant smell. Well, I hate engine noise and its exhaust cause i had a damn problem tuning and starting my LPG engine.

Me and my friend tune and crank the engine for few days and it seems about to start but loses momentum a few a couple of cycles.

At last, Prof came into play. He diagnose step by step, testing parameters, finding out the possible problem and uses some tricks and voila. Engine starts really easy and operating strong. I like the strength of combustion.

Get more tuning, massage the engine out and let it run lean.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sneak Peak

This is the third version of TPS.

Engine Got Wired.

More Wires

What a car?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010












Monday, June 7, 2010

Impressive Electronics

I was doing EFI for my engine. We ve got a inverted signals from engine which make the ECU confused about injection timing. So i need to condition the signal.

Was figuring how to condition a signal generated from magnetic flux, it has a deep valley which is favorable if it is positive.

First we were filtering, trying to cut off the deep valley and make full use about the peaks, but it has two small peaks which is also confusing. We even thought of putting a heavy capacitor to cover off the smaller latter peak.

Thinking from digital aspect, invert it with an Op Amp, then make a square wave using Schmit Trigger. It could be working. However, my prof finally came and come out with another brilliant idea.

We use AC coupling and trigger the transistor switch inversely and thats it, simple, for widely available components with just capacitor, resistors and transistor plus a POT. We made a nice fat signal and it is also squared. What a wonderful analog conditioning.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Platonic Love

I read from somewhere about Life. Life is about seeking love. You should find these 4 people in your life. 1, yourself. 2, person that you love. 3, Person that loves you and 4, person that you can live long with.

Loving a friend is one of the best things i have done in my life. A platonic friendship starts through communication. After communication, you have understandings.

If you love an opposite sex friend, you are much easily trapped in a grey zone. White zone is lover's zone and black zone is just-a-friend zone. If you are in grey zone, probably you either ends up in sky high cloud nine or sorrow despair. You can choose to be in which situation.

The friend that you love is probably very attractive to you. That friend will be attract other people as well like she attracts you. Bias as every human is, you always wanted her to be with you all the time, and thinking about you. In reality, it couldn't happened that ideally. People used to have choices in life and making decisions. You can't restrain your love one making other choices. By the way, that's is not love already.

If you want this happened in the ideal way, you will end up in sorrow despair but if you let go, loving her from distance, provide her the best support in suitable condition and only hoping you are the winner at last. If she reacts what you expect, then you are in cloud nine.

Loving is not about having her all the time sticking to you. Give her freedom, give her chances and respect what she thinks is right and what she decides. She will find a place where she belongs. Even though it may not be your shoulder but loving people is giving blessings to others and these blessing will serve you well next time.

Ironically, the one you love, the one that loves you and the one you live long with are not the same person. Treat that naturally, express your sincere feel, love if you able to and believe in fate that makes life interesting with surprises.

In the end, it will be the greatest pleasure to let the one that you love know that you love her and she returns her love to you.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bloom Energy-Be the Solution

Bloom energy figures out the solution-solid oxide fuel cell. Its founder, KR Sirdhar was a NASA engineer. He uses this fuel cell to create oxygen and water in Mars mission to make Mars a second home. Then he thought back, instead of finding a new home why not make my first home a better place to stay? Thinking back and he reversed this technology. Lets add hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity.

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell is nothing revolutionizing, the core technology is the sand like ceramics as the electrolyte sandwiched by a coated anode and cathode. No precious metal in used like other types of fuel cell. Air goes into cathode and stream mixed with fuel to form reformed fuel at the anode side. Chemical reactions begins after the reformed fuel crosses the anode and attracted the oxygen ions. This reaction generates electricity, water, heat and small amount of CO2. Electricity is what we want, heat is needed for fuel cell and water is required to reform the fuel.

After 8 years of researching and optimizing the products, it is finally been revealed to the world in high profile. They are been introduced not as a fresh product, they came out with the claims of Big companies like Googles, Ebay, Coca-cola, Fedex as their client. This is even more persuading as business leaders who taking the responsibility of profiting from business and concerning environmental problems are taking Bloom Energy's solution-the Bloom Energy Server.

Being an engineer, he/she has to possess sound technical knowledge and also good in doing business. KR Sirdhar is a live example. He knows about the value proposition of his product.

First, it is cost effective. For big companies, its payback period is 3-5 years and it is fixed power price for over 10 years. So you pay for this bloom box, and your investment is being paid back in 3 years later and at the same time you are enjoying the fixed power price for 10 years without worrying the fluctuation of the price which more likely to be increased as time goes on.

Second, fuel flexibility. Any hydrogen fuel will do from biogas like ethanol. biodiesel to fossil fuel, like LPG, CNG to renewable energy like sun power, wind power etc. Hence, the owner can choose which type of fuel in their region which is the cheapest accordingly. This is the flexibility that matters a lot in value proposition.

Third, high efficiency. As you have Bloom Box/ Bloom Energy Server. You do not need a grid, or the fuel infrastructure. This increase the efficiency of power transmission compared to centralized power distribution system. It claims to have twice the efficiency of the current grid system. What's goes out is twice the efficient, halved the fuel consumption. If you are using renewable fuel, you are in carbon neutral. You can use the electricity without feeling guilty of polluting the environment.

Fourth, reliable. You can have electricity when sun isn't shining and wind doesn't blow. It is base load and work 24/7,365.

This is indeed a cost effective, reliable, better use of fuel and high efficiency product that guarantee will change your life in near future.

Solution for the Future

In foreseeable future, the world is looking for a solution. A solution for everybody in this world. What's the problem of everyone in this world?

US and Europeans are now going green as they have developed as much as they have polluted. They develop wind power turbines, solar panels but they are not reliable enough, they have power grids but its not that efficient.

China and India are developing fast and aggressive. New mega-cities sprout like mushrooms after rain, Latin America also keep their pace to improve living qualities. They elder generations wants their younger generation to live better, wealthier and so most of the developments emphasize in wealth creation.

Economic growth is strongly linked with energy consumptions. When you move up from middle-class, you will want to consume more energy by purchasing better automobiles, more energy consuming household like TVs, electrical appliances etc.

We cant stop people to grow economically and hence we will be focusing on generating cleaner energy to support economic growth of human population and conserving the nature at the same time.

What's the solution? Coming up next...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pimp My Bike...getting serious....

From this time onwards, USM engineering campus has another gorgeous bike on the road. This is my bike, whole thing made from junks like abandone frame, left over wheels, this and that. Well i resembled it and put a elegant white paint on it. Puff here comes another new bike.

In fact this bike works better than most of the bikes around, it has working suspension, front v rim wheel, shimano gear shifting, tuned shifting sequence and bearings, tight brakings and top of all, its trademark the bull horn.

Introducing VK biking-01....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Machinemare and Chutemare

Dream recorded-Warning-View this with your responsibility, not suitable for those who wish a sweet dream before sleep.

One guy trapped in a huge space, surrounded by meshing gears and operating machines. Looking around, every matings are synchronized, everything is moving, and the space is kept occupying and getting smaller. The place seemed overworked, some cracking noises were heard, lubricants were leaking out. Smoke's emerging, gears teeth are wearing. Soon, that guy felt like suffocating, he looked like its going to be squeezed in the machine. He ran.

He ran as much as he could, fortunately the machine is slower than he did, he ran into a diffused channel. There is light out there, there is air and space awaits him. As soon as he rushed to the end, there is no more path leading. Its an open end. In front is air, below is sea, behind was the converging machine room.

He saw a parachute above, he backed 5 steps, and ran to catch the parachute. He glides. The parachute ties is loosening, he is falling down. He hold the life rope with one hand, with all energy channel to that single arm, graping the hope of life. His mind blanked.

The will wins and makes him a strong man. Eventually he lands. On a new found land. He saw flat grassland, open wide lake, a small hut. He knocks and the doors opens slowly.

I awake. Woke up in sweat and exhausting mind but a relief heart and yet expecting whats behind the door.