Friday, February 27, 2009

Design, Idea, Engineer

This story was told by my lecturer, Abdus during his statics class. Enlightening.

There was a building, a kinda tall building. People there need to use the lift to go up stairs, upper floor, go down, this and that. However, they were complaining the lift is moving too slow...They are inpatient.

One day, they decided to hired the best engineers in the region to modify the lift into a super fast moving lift so people can go up and down fast and easily.

Engineer one: we could make a double decker lift which reach two floors at the same time.

Engineer two: we use better engine to pull the cable faster...

Bla bla bla.....

Lastly, one humble engineer says: all of you all designs and ideas is too technical and cost alot of money. People just do not what to do if they got nothing to do. They wanna kept busy. That why they are inpatient. How about we put mirror nearby the lift entrance of each floor..

Soon, problem solved. People no more complaining and some of even says that lift is coming faster that expected. They make themselves look nicely, comb their hair, put some make up, posting, adjusting ties or attire, tieing shoelaces while waiting for the lift.

Hence, an engineer is not only solve mathematical problems, its not neccesary to put equations, theory of so and so. Open your mind, be observative and you will get the key of the problem and solve it with cost effective way.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A letter to myself in 2010

Its 3.30 am....Having a sleepless night.

Today i read a newpaper, the article is about what you expect yourself in future. So i am writing a letter to myself in future.Hope he got what i expect...hehe

Dear Vkuan,
Hows 2010 to you? you should be 2nd year students. Any pretty juniors? Well, every freshman is a new blood to the campus. They are like new chemistry ingredient that changes your life...better or otherwise...

I wish you got a like minded junior as your mentee like my mentor guide me. Skills and experience has to pass generation by generation. Teach him/her to be your successor of your undertakings.

How SAE going? this is your brainchild and i think SAE will grow well in your hand. I think the trash boat should be done 60% by the time you read this. Let get it rolling in the river and collect some trash. Its good to see the press putting USM got the nations first AUTO trash collector boat in Sungei Kerian.Also i wish you have done the mini Baja or formula car structure team if you wanna USM SAE a kicking butt awesome club in Malaysia.

Hows your studies? i am doing average this year, well hope you got pretty score that time. As long as you feel what you learn is useful, apply them. Dont have to worry about the numbers, worry about the value....

Anyway, really hope that you can play pretty good drumming that time. I love drumming but i still cant perform as my skill is still below my standard of satisfactory. See you in next concert or any show.

Any vacation planned, any mountain to climb or sea to swim or food to eat? Is there any university trip ? i have been to singapore...where are you going? Plan somewhere enlightening, eye opening. it will give you new aspiration and motivation.

Nothing much to say....its almost 4 am. Okay, hope you got close friends, care, love, motivation, aspiration and stay healthy. Your family and yourself are counting on ya...Take care bro.

without wax,
vkuan 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fuel Smart Driving Campaign

On 20-22 feb, USM is organising a fuel smart driving campaign in queensbay mall. As an engineering campus students, we engine lab dudes show off our students project at there.

Lock Kian displayed his BioDiesel powered Modenas there. Shazlie got his e bike up. Goh laid out his combustion analysis using agilent vee pro. Also, ETI tech put its E bicycle in our place as well.

I went up there with Roy,Say Lai and Vigren to take over evening shift. There we saw quite a big crowd coming to our booth amazed by these motor vehicles. I got there and put up newly made EngineLab shirt. After browsing all the posters and seek explaination from all those seniors, i able to explain to public.

I would say some really amazed by pur students project, some not so convinced by these e e things, some argued, some praised too. E bicycle is kinda eye catching from what i observed. Plan to make one sometime. hehe SAE...

Well i learn quite a lot about 2 stroke, 4 stroke engines, direct injection, over expanded cycle, atkinson cycle...and soon we will work on the perodua Myvi Challege. Looking forward for it. Just want to get the proposal done first this time.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Recently my statics class (previously i feel sleepy due to bored lecturer) had change a new lecturer Mr Abdus who is teaching us for the 2nd half of the syllabus.

Well, just like what i encounter last semester, i find that this lecture is interesting in terms of the way he delivar lecture. humourous and lively are his trademark.

Today he mentioned my dream school MIT in the grading system and some jokes of a Singaporean. I always think that school subjects are useless if it is not applied. Now it still is. But now i think differently. This semester i like all my subjects. I used to say i do what i like. So let me see...fluids, statics, programming, design....(math?) So lets play this game. The game of points. I ll see how well i play in pointer game. About the jokes, a singaporean asked, whats the similiarity of a Superman and Malaysian Genius?

The answer is they both dont exist. Damn it....Lets show them so am serious.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Entrepreneurship EXPO Day

This semester we have a so called entrepreneurship course. It not as fun as i expected though but what we Malaysians do...we complain but we still make fun out of it.

12th and 13th february is the expo day. This day students will put their products out and sell to all campus folks. Finding time between lectures and sales s very difficult especially skipping classes which may conduct quizes.

First day we start as kinda special booth. We uses Blue Ocean Strategy (lol). We something out of the kind. We sell creativity and entertainment.

The left is our product. After knowing the market which is the keychain and mini rubik's cube

Key Chain for Rm 3 and the cubes for 2. Key Chain a kinda self customized one which is drawn or design based on customers desire.

We have a student who is good in drawing and design the key chains. Plus we have this product taken in advanced. As for the rubiks cube, its cheap and cute. Its the best sales overall. we have them sold out (20) on the first day.

Besides selling stuff, we also do games. We have 3 games which is the Lucky Throw, Sudoku challenge, and rubiks cube challenge. We give out grand prizes to all the record holders.

While doing this business, we really have fun. We practise our persuading and entertaining skills.

The girl on the first left hand picture was the champion of Rubik's cube challenge. Her overall time is 30.

guess what...SECONDS!!!

The second picture is our winners of the expo days. SUDOKU and Rubiks Cube winners...and congrats hooharh!! You guys are amazing.

So its ends here and we are having a good time not worrying break even period, and we use our profit as prizes for participant from other booths. Help them and help yourselves. And yet we still earn unexpected sum of money...not bad la (typical malaysian slang)...Win Win to everybody...yoohoo!

End of the day we put up a big head photo for our memory...

Cheers M8!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Football Game

We have a team for sports carnival in mechanical school. At first i treat this simply just for fun.
First match we lost..quite terribly...However this spark up our eagerness...

Some of us went out to buy new pairs of boot to get ourselves better equiped. Second match, we lose by a little...0-2.

Well we joked that we are better improved by less conceded 3 goals. Guess the first match result..For the next game, if we follow the progression, we should be winning one goal and so

Prepare for next match, tomorrow will be better.