Friday, June 26, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

I watched Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen today.

Being a fan of Michael Bay and Shia Labeouf, i decided to do some advertisement for the hottest film at the moment.

Transformers is always a kids fantasy, it was mine when i am very young. When the cartoon brought to movie- real movie it is so astonishing.

Michael Bays film never disappoint you, recalling Armageddon, Pearl Harbour, The Rock...these were his work. Shia is a rising star actor and kinda lucky guy in many movies...

It is always beauty and the machine...
Megan is still hot and somehow she is being prettier than been described "hot" in previous movie. When she changed her leather jacket to a beautiful white blouse to meet Sam..that part is so cute...(Girls..pretty is above hot, beautiful is the above all)

Sam's mum and dad is still crazily amusing. The soldiers are more bold and strong. Agent Simmons comes to rescue and become a hero. More military stuffs are on the show. More robots, but not so cool but funny twins autobots added some entertainment elements in the movie. Prime is always that philosophical but this movie is focus mainly on him.

Overall this movie costs 200 million dollars is worth the ticket prices of 3 dollars in your hand. Go go go..indulge your eyes.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Perodua Myvi Eco Challenge

Last Saturday, we USM engine lab team took up the challenge designed by Peodua Eco Challenge. We opt to do engine mods to enhance the fuel efficiency of current K3Ve engine used by Our MYVI. There were 12 instituitions been selected and all of us gather at speedway plus circuit for the race day.

USM was one and only one the black elegant myvi. So it is stand out as the champion. Nah...It actually the effort we have put in.

Its not the decorative sticker we put on as picture shown. THE real effort is what we have done inside the engine. Since we do not get the best weight reduction. We are actually 60 kg more that other teams...But we made our way by our unique engine mods and driving skills.

I pay some tributes to our driver...Mr Kong.

We modify our engine to overexpanded cycle in order to extract more work done after firing. I shall not explain the theory behind it in here. Also we deactivated 2 cylinders so basically our car runs on 13oo/2 cc = 650 cc. hehe...lots of work to be done and its not easy as thought. so we manage to beat other contestant even better mileage than some manual tranmission vehicle. awesome right!

Henry is the critical guy behind our team. He is our team leader and major force in this success. Good Job. I learnt a lot from him.

All of us shared the joy of being CHAMPION.

We ve been a great learning journey. I learn engines from 0 to now a sufficient level of knowledge. Work hard dude!

Its a privilege for me to work in USM engine's lab. Its been wonderful to play a role in USM perodua eco team.

some other cars...

All hail USM Engine's Lab. We are the champions of both categories, Engineering Presentation and Longest Distance travelled by auto transmission vehicle. Drive to lead. Lead the effort for a sustainability future in automotive.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Youth Leadership Academy 1

It never been so excited quite a few years ago, i am honored to be selected to attend
McKinsey's Youth Leadership Academy. We are the first batch consists of 25 members selected from over 1000 applicants, guess what? we possess something special in their perception.

This workshop have been the best workshop so far because all like minded exciting youths were been interviewed, scrutinised and selected to be here. We were well taken by them, those McKinsey people are really awesome!
Heres a brief a day schedule.
We were transported to UEM leadership center. Here i saw many aspired lads with their noble undertakings. Also i have seen many bright, outgoing college girls campared to my campus'. ( hehe, no offends. just a feedback )

We started with the highlight of the day, close up with MAS CEO, Dato Idris Jala.

He had a speech for us, the pursuit of excellence. He taught us the 4 principle to achieve the pursuit. 1. the game of impossible 2. the discipline of action 3. winning coalition and 4. divine intervention.

Well, i must say, he is a superstar. His speech was inspiring and he closed his session with 2 songs, unplugged by him. I am his fan now. Take is something i must say and share with all readers about him. He could have be the Shell CEO or having stable income, big house but he took on the challenge...something he described as the "calling". He managed to turnaround MAS from a soon to be bankrupt in 3.5 months to now soon to be 5 star budget carrier. Every declaration he made during the press or public event, he already well prepared and victory is almost guaranteed.

Next, we were working on our personal leadership oppourtunity (PLO) which is something we re working on as a leader to pioneer or create things happen. We were guided along the way, receiving feedbacks, mapping issue tree diagram and the plans were shaped in a more defined picture.

We were also been taught to use influencing skills. There are many ways to influence people. We had a gaming...they called it speed dating which i dont really think so as implied by the name. It was really fun. This event is very dense. I haven really meet and talk with some other participants...looking forward to meeting them on the workshop 2. However i got many new friends like Kimberly, Ruby,Michael, Richard, Mei, Alex, Jermaine, KS, Nick, 2 Michelle(s) etc etc...Havent get to meet them all.

It was great. It was totally fruitful.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Pimp my bike part 2

My bike is officially done on mechanical part !
Today i spent like 6 hours modifying the tranmission and horn handles with brakes.

Also i have wheel protector ( izzit its name ?) to my rear wheel. I collect from junk.
Seems like there are treasure from junk yard if you know how to appreciate it.

Overview of my front part...Looks arrogant !

Here comes my HORN BULL!! Anyway this is my dream of having the grip rotate gear switching mechanism...its more easy to change and fast...Unlike the previous one...too hard to switch gear.
Plus the horn is for fast speed traveling uses....Reduce body resistance to speed....Woohooo......

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pimp my bike-part 1

Today, after work. Had dinner with Jun Lii, somehow we are complaining our "conventional" bike along the way cycle back.

"Hey, wait a minute, Lets pimp our bike", i said. We went to engine's lab for the tools facilities, "steal" the long abandoned bike around campus and we begin PIMPING!

Above is our bike before pimping, say hello for new style ! First for safety, we both put up reflectors. I had one at rear so the cars behind can see me in the dark after the headlight reflection.
Heres the two unwanted bikes. Donate your organs!!

We prepare the surgeon tools. Different sizes of spanar, screw drivers and grease.

Tadaaaa....Simple first part of pimping.
Heres what i did:
  1. Change the rusty bolts.
  2. Put the basket at my rear left. (new style in school!)
  3. Put up fancy handles.
  4. Install rear reflector.

Going to put a back leaning plate. Can find the plate yet. Soon..coming soon..

Oh rite! part one done. Will do more in coming time.