Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pimp My Bike...getting serious....

From this time onwards, USM engineering campus has another gorgeous bike on the road. This is my bike, whole thing made from junks like abandone frame, left over wheels, this and that. Well i resembled it and put a elegant white paint on it. Puff here comes another new bike.

In fact this bike works better than most of the bikes around, it has working suspension, front v rim wheel, shimano gear shifting, tuned shifting sequence and bearings, tight brakings and top of all, its trademark the bull horn.

Introducing VK biking-01....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Machinemare and Chutemare

Dream recorded-Warning-View this with your responsibility, not suitable for those who wish a sweet dream before sleep.

One guy trapped in a huge space, surrounded by meshing gears and operating machines. Looking around, every matings are synchronized, everything is moving, and the space is kept occupying and getting smaller. The place seemed overworked, some cracking noises were heard, lubricants were leaking out. Smoke's emerging, gears teeth are wearing. Soon, that guy felt like suffocating, he looked like its going to be squeezed in the machine. He ran.

He ran as much as he could, fortunately the machine is slower than he did, he ran into a diffused channel. There is light out there, there is air and space awaits him. As soon as he rushed to the end, there is no more path leading. Its an open end. In front is air, below is sea, behind was the converging machine room.

He saw a parachute above, he backed 5 steps, and ran to catch the parachute. He glides. The parachute ties is loosening, he is falling down. He hold the life rope with one hand, with all energy channel to that single arm, graping the hope of life. His mind blanked.

The will wins and makes him a strong man. Eventually he lands. On a new found land. He saw flat grassland, open wide lake, a small hut. He knocks and the doors opens slowly.

I awake. Woke up in sweat and exhausting mind but a relief heart and yet expecting whats behind the door.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mountain Trail Biking

4th April marks my new adventure in biking, i was looking for an adventure since i could not stay in this peaceful campus. My legs have been calling for a new adventure and thus i went for mountain trail biking.

Here in Nibong Tebal where my campus is located has a place where many cyclists came and do some trail biking. I was once saw a group of them went into a trail, this leaves me a curiosity where the trail will lead to. Today, i decided to go into that place and discover the adventure behind.

I came into the crossroad to that"trail" and entrance to bukit panchor, my guts leads me into the unknown. I passed a cemetery, palm oil estate, creepy jungle, small huts, open spaces abandoned construction site, streams and etc.

I follow the trail and i simply just choose the the less creepy one at the diverged paths. i got a feeling that i gonna get lost also, hence i have to retreat before 7pm.

Then, i came to a wet trail ahead path at 7, i think i had enough so i save the further part for next time. I turned around and went back. On my way back, i played Bon Jovi's Highway to Hell, how inappropriate...

I got lost somehow, i choose a quite okay path and it leads to some place unfamiliar. There was a bridge which i never encounter, there were guard dogs around. One barks and the rest follow.

Soon, i feel my presence is unwelcome and i turned back. I regret not to have GPS with me. However, i still got my way back. There is a steep rocky slope, i was gliding all the time. Its way too fun and hecky dangerous. I fell off at the big dent of the slope, hurt my knee but it just a skin deep.

I was then back to familiar paths, i passed by that cemetery again. Back to that initial crossroad, went over the fly over, and gosh...tyre puncture at the water dam just behind my campus. i try to buy more distance before i goes totally flat. The rest of the journey, i walked with my dirty bike.

On my way back, my player played another Bon Jovi's" Live before you die". I do not regret what i had today, and also what i have done this semester, i had my many first-time, to things to people and there are still a lot of "first time"s awaiting me in future. Make all those happen.

When you are young, you always think, the sun is going to shine,
There will come a day, you have to say hello to goodbye
sit down son, take my hand, look me in the eyes
take these words,promise me
you will live before you die

This keeps lingering in my mind, on my way back, i am happy today.