Sunday, August 30, 2009


Recently, i had some setbacks...In the beginning, i feel everything goes fine just like planned. But somehow in the middle of the journey, some variation, some tests, some mistakes, some unexpected stuffs come it, i suffered some damping, resistance, back flow....

I have been overlooked those minor minor stuff and i scared i repeated the old big mistake. Anyway, i have experiences, i must realise the small spark of mistake will create big disaster in the future. Action in need.

System saturated. Reorganised and recharge.

below is a good phrase:
The pioneer step to start your journey towards achieving triumphant result is to identify your strengths and weaknesses and importantly actions have to be taken to remedy the weaknesses. In addition, utilize your strength to counter challenges and further excel it to increase your personal capability. Hence, the earlier you start building your foundation skills, the more benefits you may reap.

Friday, August 28, 2009

USM Project Cambodia

I am directing a group of students to work on a community service project in Cambodia.
We gonna tackle the water quality problem over there. Hence we came out some plans. Among those, we try to introduce LifeStraw, product of Vestergaard Frandsen. Besides, we also wanna work on ceramic and biosand filters.

This lifestraw able to filter 700 liter of water. It is sufficent for a man to use for a year. It also able to filter out 99.99% waterborne bacteria and parasites.
As for ceramics filter as shown above and biosand filter below, they are proven effective and well develop in many rural areas n Cambodia. This is a great project to work on and we able to engaged in community problem and come out with science and technological solution.

We hope that we can give these kids smiles and hopes. They have to be empowered to develop themselves, community and the country. Hence this water problem will be one of the way to break the poverty, sickness and inability to develop cycle.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cycling Excursion- Tanjong Piandang,Kuala Kurau and Kuala Gula

Another crazy day yet amazing! This time we cycling around suburban area.

USM engineering campus--Tanjong Piandang--Kuala Kurau--Kuala Gula
Time: 0800 to 2000
Distance travelled: ~~80km

So there was a time, my friend, Vigren said: " lets go to Tanjong Piandang...its like 10km from here. A group of his friend including david (vkuan) agreed and its not that far also. So everyone said ok lets go to the seaside there.

Along the way passed Titi Serong, we were just cycling straight with paddy fields beside us.
Finally, after an hour plus, we reach tanjong piandang. This place is a chinese small town selling alot of dry fish stuffs. It is amazing seeing these. At least for me, i think these dried fish, prawns are cool. How patient the man is arranging them.

Obeying our plan we head to tanjong piandang seaside. It looks nice but sorry vigren no sand for the seaside. Cant go swimming.

We noticed that Kuala kurau is another 10km from here. so we decided to head there since we have plenty of time in the morning. Apparently, my great grand father lives there long time ago.So we decided to go there and see what kind of a fishing village will looked like.

So this is kuala kurau. Nothing much.
That time was noon, and rain was falling. So we hide under a bridge. raindrops keep falling on my head...da da da..

The bridge we hid under was a majestic bridge connecting kuala kurau and kuala gula. After we "consulted" with a kurauan. We been informed that kuala gula might has something special offered. Distance from here its like more than 10km.

After some sorta discussion, we decided to go there as we been so close and prefer not to give up until we satisfied. having no choice, aik soon and Sawadeekap boy "kot" followed us continue to Kuala Gula.

In the middle of the bridge, we stopped and take a break. Looking the fishing village view is indeed very relaxing. I wish to become a one day fisherman. How does it feel like being a fisherman. erm...

Not to describe some crazy longer than we expected journey to kuala gula, we reach there with these 2 coloured small prawn catched my eyes.

It noon is Kuala Kurau before crossing the bridge, and few hours come to kuala gula. we were damn hungry and we, of course have a nice seafood lunch in kuala gula.

Crab bihun, female crabs is served.
Some vege fried with delicious small prawn. ( xia mi)
Nice fish curry.
Qute and mouth watering tiny fried sotong.
Ai Dee restaurant was the place we dined in.

We cycle into the fishing village.

pseudo off boat candid picture.

During our way back, we also been told by a Gulan that we should not missed their " theme park"--The Hua Sheng Palace.

It is like a theme temple. Lots of tourists there. I found a cave and i start meditating for 10 seconds.
Guess whats the theme. heaven and hell. You will have to walk along a corridor, then we reach a junction. Go upstairs see whats heaven and down stairs see whats hell. heaven seems boring with a little stuffs, but hell seems exotic. din take down some pictures because it is quite dark inside. check it out if you interested.
As for me, it is so so. Nothing much exciting but having a temple in an Indian estate is kinda unexpected. if you were in somewhere kuala gula, go there and have a look. admission is free though.
On my way back.

Looks like second round of raining is coming. we actually see the rain approaching us.
we stopped by a restaurant and have a plate of He Ko. It is a kind of shrimp.

Before we went back home, we stopped by sungai kota, our engine lab technician, En Zalmi's kampung. His brother is having a wedding.

Lastly, i have nothing to expressed except by flattened butt after 10++ hours of cycling.

Nah, I do things with reasons. This bicycle trip was been the most special one. I experienced sunny, rainy, muddy, and night cycling in a day. where else can you get? Is this the good of having a campus nearby suburban and urban and state border? You know it. I got it.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Imagine yourself in near future

Life is all about the choices you have made. Every step you choose, every decision you made brings you a step along your path to destination.

So, imagine what happen to you in near future, say 5 years later...

Two kinds of people... you will end up to be. One, fine. Two, Accomplished. A lot of people would end up become the fine group. You asked them, "hows life?" They answer:"fine." The fine group is indeed fine. Moderate life, sufficient pay, stable routine, pleasant and comfort.

However, the second group of people, the accomplished group would have accomplised something they want to do, something big for them and they feel great satisfaction in their heart.

Think about hows yours soon...

Looking back, for accomplished people, they have their own defining moment(s) which made them become accomplised people. Usually defining moment consist of 60% divine intervention and 40% hard work. You would never know your defining moment until you have become accomplised people and looked back." Hey..that the moment that changes my life." Hence, we have to work hard on what we want until oppourtunity comes in and you made an impact from that. Bang! Let there be light! You shine.

Usually, defining moments are the junctions you came across. When you decide which way to choose, when you struggle between dream and reality, these times are the critical moments you are in. This time, there will be many voices around, negative voices would come in and discourage you, ask you to stay in the reality side. Maybe they have been through and did not success and they tell you cannot do it also.

You want something, go get it. You have to protect your dream. If you fail. never mind, at least you tried. If you still want that dream, keep on doing it. When you have made a decision, go ahead and dont looked back, never even regret. You will never know the outcome if you choose the other.Two road diverge in the yellow wood, sorry you cant travel both. So, listen to your heart when you choose. Do what you actually want, life is yours and not others else. Pursuit your dream.Make the a reality but not sacrifice for reality.