Friday, September 18, 2009

Batu Hampar Waterfall

In a fine Sunday morning, my company and i cycle to find a nice hideout. If you want to stay away from campus and go for a speeding and refreshing activity, you may follow my trip.

Trip starts from USM engineering campus, head to bukit panchor recreation park. When you reach the small kampung area, instead taking the right turn for bukit panchor, take the left one head along till the end. If i am not mistaken, you will be in Sungai Kechil.

There will be another T junction, right is the detour to bukit panchor recreation park, and left is the place we are going to. take the left one, go along and you will see Air Putih. thats the place we want to go.

It will be a 20% slope i guess if you on the right track, it is a tough cycling experience, hate sloping. BUT, after you reach certain height for example, when you pass the ANISARI village resort, you can start sliding all the way down to the waterfall. It is indeed a very very fast cruising. Almost 80kph with your bike, imagine. Cruising down, we will see a board written Batu Hampar recreation park and immediately turn left and cycle for another 3 minutes, you will see the waterfall.
It is a very nice place especially for me. Not many universities is located near to a waterfall.
I like this place although it is not a very significant huge waterfall, but sometimes i would like to go there, speeding down the slope for more than 5 minutes, and take a cool dip in the water or have a natural waterfall massage.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Bike, My Friend

This evening, i woke up from a nap and i was heading to have dinner.

I thought of a friend, Jun Lii and so i decided to call him come along. His phone got a bit problem and i was trying to call him lots of time and finally, i managed to reach him in the last attempt.

Okay, we went out eating. Everything is fine as usual. Till, we stopped by the mini market just to simply buy some food. As usual i didnt lock my bicycle as does jun lii.

I got my Chipsmore and he got his eggs for tomorrows breakfast.When we step out, i saw my bicycle missing. DAMN!! My bicycle is my leg in university, my only transport here.

Jun Lii quickly do a regional search while i observing whos the possible thief. Darn...after a half an hour search, we are pretty much helpless and sadly i walk back to campus.

Half way to campus, Jun Lii asked me whether do i believe in curse,...i said damn, the thief will get hit by bus. I was pretty much sad but what to do, nothing to be done except thinking a way get a new bike.

Suddenly, i sensed a biker from my back. A middle aged skinny indian, looked more like a drug addict, he is cycling and the bike is exactly looked like mine. Well, i think in this place no one else's bike will looked my Bull Horn. My bike is 100% unique from other.

We yell at him, he must probably know that he meet the owner of bicycle that he is riding. He accelerates. My friend, Jun Lii speed up and chase the thief. They had demonstrated the real life bike chase. Its pretty dangerous though, luckily there wasnt much cars on the road.

I was running from behind. I saw my friend manage to secure my bike and that bastard stand beside. Oh man, i yell at him and proved the bike is mine. Of course, i knew my bike, every single part of it. He seems clueless and i warned him that the campus guard is coming soon. Actually the incident just happen opposite my campus gate across a road. He walked away.

I got my bike back. Hooray, Jun Lii, youre the man! after shortwhile of losing my bike, i appreciate my bike even more. This bike is the coolest bike i ever had. Also, i treasured my friend more, his quick reaction managed to save my bike from hell. Jun Lii, i owe you one!

p/s: i think my bike got some intuition, during the bike chase, my bike do actually off chain and the thief unable to cycle further. Cool~~