Thursday, December 2, 2010


  When you been asked why you do what you do, i am thinking of IMPACT. I want to work my stuffs which brings impact to my project, community and world. This reason is the motivating force to keep me working and make me live a great life.

  While getting impact to the world, you have to innovate. Innovation is about renewing ideas, invention in a realistic product that change people's life, improve well being, restore environmental resources and make sustainability the bottom line of working things out.

  Personally, as an engineer to be, we design to realize innovation from plain invention. We make things accessible to everyone within reach. We expand new possibilities and improving technologies that emphasize on expand more capabilities.

 While toolset changes as technology improving, human mindset have to change as well to make innovation happens. From telescope enable mankind to see farther space and broaden the horizons in mind, motion camera taken out of the box and capturing motions from different angle of the play instead of standing still facing the stage as a normal stage audience view. We should use out technology wise to do new things and not use something new to do old things. 

 Mindset change is the ultimate set to bring innovations, and innovations bring impacts, and impacts improve mankind lives.

                                                                                                                  -inspired by Autodesk University

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