Sunday, December 5, 2010

Loneliness, Privacy, Calm

 Friends gone out for trip, for some reason i didnt follow then as i have plans for that soon. Hence, this weekend, i will stay with myself.

 When i walked back from school, i saw Christmas candle lights by the window, the light shone from the inside, through the gap between window coverings. It felt so warm. I guess this is the warmth from home. I miss home.

 Then after i saw a huge Christmas tree with lighting bulb on it standing still in the common yard. The feeling of Christmas has come. Xmas songs start humming in my head. My mind flashes back how i celebrate xmas at home.

 Feeling calm, i entered my empty flat. Turned on the classical songs in my computer, i started cooking something warm, something reminiscing-my curry chicken.

 "Rhapsody On Paganini"playing as my food is hot and ready to served. Signing off with the mixture feeling of loneliness, total privacy and calm.

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