Monday, January 17, 2011

Europe Sum Up

  I have left my trail in Europe. Its been an in-expectable accomplishment in my student life. I always think of living Europeans cities which they are famous with history, culture and architecture. Indeed, i am impressed by the scenery there. Autumn in Prague, Hungarian boulevard, Extreme winter in Finland, Frozen sea in St Petersburg, Adorable Stockholm etc etc were nicely capture in camera and frozen in picture.

  I lived with the Europeans particularly the French, I learnt the way they live their life and also showed them how hardworking the Asians are. Europeans have more open mindset and somehow adventurous. If Asians were to learn from them, i would say stand up and speak out. Tell your idea and convince people.

  Europe is the leader in environment protection effort, their environmental consent has been inhabited in their daily practice, we need to have this mindset and be responsible with our usage in environment. I learnt this culture and i would love to bring it with me.

  Culture is the best souvenir you can take back from travel.


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Looks so awesome ! Tell us more ! :D